Femøringen på Hillesvåg Sølje

Femøringen på Hillesvåg Sølje

kr 250,00Pris

Hillesvåg Sølje in the colourway Femøringen (old Norwegian copper coin). 


This lovely yarn is made by the Norwegian yarn mill Hillesvåg ullvarefabrikk, and it is made of 100% Norwegian pelt wool (pelsull). The yarn is naturally gray, and when dyed, it gives a natural softness to the colors. It has a halo that remindes of mohair. The yarn is soft to the skin and with a great lustre. It is well suited for next to skin garments, but it is also a hard wearing yarn suitable for garment of wear and tear. This yarn is especially well suited for felting.


Yarn brand: Hillesvåg Sølje

Weight: Fingering / 14 wpi

Meterage: 350 meters/100 grams

Unit weight: 100 grams

Gauge: 25-28 sts = 10 cm/4 UNHCRs

Needle size: 2,5 - 3mm

Fibers: 100% Norwegian pelt wool (pelsull)


The yarn is all natural - no syntetic contents, not superwashed. Hand wash in tepid water with a mild wool detergent. The garment will soften up with washing and wear.


The yarn is hand painted by me. I use Jaquard acid dyes, and I do my best to make sure that there is no excess color left in the yarn. Still it is possible that the yarn will bleed the first time it is washed.